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Tax Reporting

We take care of your companies tax reporting so you can focus on what's important, your business.

Accurately reporting employment taxes to the Federal Government is incredibly important to the success of each and every business. Neglecting to do this properly can result in a lengthy audit that could have potential consequences to your business. Employers need to make sure that they have correctly and accurately filed each necessary form, including any and all deductions and write-offs, and make sure all receipts are close at hand in case of an audit. Regardless of whether it is your first year filing or your tenth year filing, it can be greatly beneficial to hire a professional payroll service to handle your tax reporting for you. iPay Payroll Solutions will make sure all write-offs and deductions are correctly itemized, and each form is 100% accurate so that you will pass through the dreaded tax season with ease.

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Generally when a company is reporting employment taxes, they must accurately report wages, tips, and any other compensation that was paid to an employee by completing and filing the necessary forms with the IRS. Companies are also required to report taxes you deposit by filing Forms 940, 941, and 944 with the IRS either on paper or electronically. There are also quarterly reports a company may be required to provide. For example, a company that withholds social security and Medicare, federal income tax, sick pay, or supplemental unemployment benefits will have to file Form 941 (Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return) every quarter.

With all the various forms that are required to be filed both federally, state and locally, and staying current with any changes in the rules and regulations, tax filing can be highly stressful and time-consuming for small businesses. iPay Payroll Solutions will make sure all payroll reports are 100% accurate so that you will have peace of mind that you are in full compliance with payroll laws.

Our Tax Reporting Service Includes:

  • Collect & Submit Your Payroll Tax Payment
  • Submit Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Reports