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Payroll Tax Processing

Don't miss an important tax deadline with our payroll tax processing services.

Companies are legally required to make payroll tax payments to the federal government, and file the proper reporting and informational returns. Employers are also responsible for providing all contractors and employees with 1099 and W-2 reports explaining all compensation paid and any amounts withheld. There are also additional requirements based on the state you are filing in. With all the complex rules, and the severe penalties for noncompliance, you definitely want to consider hiring a professional to complete and file all the necessary documentation for you. Filing your FICA, Social Security, and Unemployment and income taxes is time-consuming and very tedious, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional doing the dirty work for you?

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At iPay Payroll Solutions, we will make sure that all your payroll responsibilities are handled properly and promptly. We will make sure that incomes, amounts withheld, and amounts paid on behalf of contractors and employees are properly reported, and that your state and federal taxes are reported and paid to the appropriate tax agencies on time. Our professional payroll tax specialists will also ensure that you maintain the required state and federal records so that you will, and continue to, avoid payroll tax penalties.

Our Payroll Tax Processing Service Includes:

  • Processing and Payment of All Tax Liabilities to Local, State and Federal Tax Agencies
  • Preparing and Filing All Payroll Tax Returns
  • Providing Employees & Subcontractors with W-2's and 1099's