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Accounts Receivable

Let us manage your accounts receivable so your cash flow stays in the positive.

Accounts receivables are the monies owed to a company by parties or persons outside the company due to the sale of goods or services. This is usually on credit to the customer with payment made usually in less 60 days. This creates an asset for your company, which becomes an account receivable.

Detailed Invoicing System

Generally, accounts receivables are documented with invoices, which the business is responsible for issuing to the customer through each company’s billing procedure. The invoice should describe the services or goods that the business has sold to the customer, including the amount owed plus sales taxes and freight charges, as well as the date or time period when payment is expected.

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Our Accounts Receivable Service Package Includes:

  • Monitor and Follow-up on Payment Receipts
  • Maintain Accounts Receivable Ledger
  • Track and Maintain Aged Receivable Report
  • Work With Client on Overdue Accounts